TechLadies Bootcamp #7

TechLadies Bootcamp

The TechLadies Bootcamp #8 offers 5 weekend part-time workshops to help women come into TECH.

Regardless of your technical background, you will be taught by industry experts on how to get started with various coding languages and software development.

Applications are now closed

This in-person program will take place in Singapore from Aug 2022 to Oct 2022. Please refer to the dates below.

Full scholarships are provided for people with financial difficulties. We welcome women of all backgrounds and nationalities to apply.



Submit your application form. Slot for each session is given on a first come first serve basis.


For beginners in Tech, you are encourage to attend all sessions to have a comprehensive understanding of Web App development.


Each session is SGD$40. Sign up for all 5 sessions at a discounted rate of SGD$160 (i.e the fifth session is FREE!)



Attend the workshops.


Practise is key! Put in at least 15 hours each week, inclusive of attending the workshops. Additional time practising is definitely needed to pick up coding skills.

Post Workshops:


Continue to push code, learn new languages and build your portfolio. Reach out to the TechLadies Community to learn more about technical interviews and interview skills.

Workshop Schedule

  • 27th August 2022, 10am-2.30pm

    馃彚 AWS (Asia Square Tower)

    Getting Started with HTML, CSS and Javascript

    路 Overview HTML, CSS and Javascript
    路 Create simple app using HTML, CSS and Javascript


  • 10th September 2022, 10am-2.30pm

    馃彚 Thoughtworks (Cross Street Exchange)

    Introduction to Git & Database

    路 Understand version control
    路 Learn about databases


  • 24th September 2022, 10am-2.30pm

    馃彚 AWS (Capital Square)

    Getting started with Rest API & NodeJS

    路 Gain an overview of Rest API and NodeJS


  • 8th October 2022, 10am-2.30pm

    馃彚 AWS (capital Square)

    Application Getting started with ExpressJS & React

    路 Overview with ExpressJS
    路 Create simple endpoint
    路 Overview of React
    路 Create simple React app


  • 22nd October 2022, 10am-2.30pm

    馃彚 AWS (Capital Square)

    Introduction to Agile & React Level up

    路 Overview
    路 How this works to the team
    路 Devtools
    路 Lifecycle of React
    路 Hooks
    路 State Management
    路 Connecting with Rest API


    Applications are now closed

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