TechLadies Bootcamp #7

TechLadies Bootcamp

The TechLadies Bootcamp #9 offers 5 weekend, part-time workshops designed to empower women with Front-End Development skills.

Regardless of your technical background, you will be taught by industry experts on how to get started with various coding languages and software development.

Applications are now closed

This in-person program will take place in Singapore from Sept 2023 to Oct 2023. Please refer to the dates below.

We welcome women of all backgrounds and nationalities to apply.

*Information may be subjected to change.



Submit your application form. Application Deadline: 16 Sep 2023


Pre-requisites: None. Please bring your own laptop for the bootcamp. But basic computer literacy and knowledge would be beneficial


Fee: SGD$110 for all 5 sessions (inclusive of lunch, a token and an e-certificate). Payment is non-refundable.



Attend the workshops.


Practise is key! Put in at least 15 hours each week, inclusive of attending the workshops. Additional time practising is definitely needed to pick up coding skills.

Post Bootcamp:


Continue to push code, explore hackathons and build your portfolio.

Workshop Schedule

  • 30 Sept 2023, 10am-3pm

    馃彚 TBC

    Introduction to HTML and CSS

    路 Understanding the basics of HTML tags and structure
    路 Styling web pages using CSS for visual design
    路 Hands-on exercises to practice creating static web pages

  • 07 Oct 2023, 10am-3pm

    馃彚 TBC

    Introduction to React Basics

    路 Understanding the concepts of React and its component-based architecture
    路 Setting up a development environment for React
    路 Building a simple React component and rendering it on a web page

  • 14 Oct 2023, 10am-3pm

    馃彚 TBC

    React State and Interactivity

    路 Exploring state and props in React components
    路 Implementing interactivity through event handling and form input
    路 Hands-on exercises to reinforce state management and interactivity in React

  • 21 Oct 2023, 10am-3pm

    馃彚 TBC

    REST API Integration

    路 Introduction to REST APIs and their role in web development
    路 Fetching data from a REST API using JavaScript in React
    路 Displaying data from the API in a React application

  • 28 Oct 2023, 10am-3pm

    馃彚 TBC

    Deployment and Project Showcase

    路 Introduction to Git version control for tracking code changes
    路 Deploying React applications using platforms like Netlify or Vercel
    路 Participants work on a small project of their choice and showcase their work


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