TechLadies Bootcamp #7

TechLadies Bootcamp

The TechLadies Bootcamp #7 is a 15-week part-time accelerated learning program designed to help women with basic programming background become professional programmers.

You will be guided by industry experts, and get hands-on experience building multiple projects.

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This program will take place in Singapore from 9 Oct 2021 to 29 Jan 2022 and cost SGD550.

Full scholarships are provided for people with financial difficulties. We welcome women of all backgrounds and nationalities to apply.

Registration and Selection:


Submit an application form AND a simple technical task for us to evaluate your technical capabilities. Task details will be available in July in a repository on Github. Each selected participant will be paired with a Coach.

During the Bootcamp, you are required to:


Put in at least 15 hours each week, inclusive of attending coding sessions.


Attend all workshops conducted and at least 80% of coding sessions on every Saturday. (10am - 3pm)

After the Bootcamp:


Present your portfolio at the TechLadies Graduation Party in Jan 2022.


Prepare for technical interviews and start applying for engineering roles.

Don't worry if it sounds scary, we’ve programs to help with the technical tasks! 💪💪💪

July / August
Pre-Bootcamp Workshops 1 - 4 (Optional)

4 pre-bootcamp workshops are conducted to equip women with basic programming skills to code complete the technical task for their application. These workshops are open to all women. It is not obligatory to sign up for the Bootcamp to attend these workshops.

14 August & 4 September
Code Clinics (Optional)

Women interested in completing the technical task can attend these sessions to ask questions & get help for their technical task.

Program Timeline

  • 17 July, 2:30pm (SGT)

    Info Session & Application Opens

    We will share details and requirements of the application process and the bootcamp modules. Women interested in the TechLadies Bootcamp #7 should join this meeting.

  • July - August

    Pre-Bootcamp Workshops & Clinics

    We have a series of workshops lined up to assist you in completing the technical task. These workshops are open to all women who are keen to learn.

  • 1 October

    Application Closes

    Applications close on 1 October so make sure you submit your completed Technical Task and application form to be considered for the Bootcamp.

    Apply Now
  • 3 October

    Application results

    Applicants will be notified of their statuses, on a rolling basis, latest by 3 October. You may be contacted if we have questions, so do keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox!

  • 9 October '21 - 15 January '22

    TechLadies Bootcamp #7

    Starting from the week of 9 Oct participants will need to code 15hrs/week, inclusive of attending coding sessions every Sat from 10am to 3pm 😱

  • 15 January 2022 - 29 January 2022

    TechLadies Bootcamp #7 Conclusion

    Participants consolidate all they've learned into a portfolio and gear up to face real interviews - ready to step into the tech industry!


Bootcamp Builders

Bootcamp Lead image


Bootcamp Lead

Jeslyn is a business analyst at a cloud software startup. Before the startup life, she worked at an Entrepreneurship Education Centre surrounded by many purpose-driven startup founders. She was inspired by their stories and motivated to make an impact in the community. She has joined TechLadies to help more women to learn and grow as well as discovering their sparks. She believes life is a never ending learning process, now self-learning python coding and serious in finding the best hummus and natto in town.

Bootcamp Lead image

Nicole Yap

Bootcamp Lead

Nicole enjoys solving meaningful problems and exploring the unknown. She has worked mostly in automotive and international trade, managing cross-functional teams. Current fascinations include FTAs, digital trade issues (e.g. digital trade policy and cross-border data flows) and the future of tech policies. She is part of the TechLadies core team as a Bootcamp Lead, with hopes to foster a positive community for women to connect and grow.

Bootcamp Lead image


Bootcamp Lead

Diya is an experienced Data Science and Analytics professional, with a keen interest in problem solving and integrating business needs with technology. She has worked with different programming languages and reporting tools, across verticals. She loves to read, travel and constantly learn. Passionate about increasing Women representation in Tech, she hopes to help achieve this through TechLadies.

Bootcamp Lead image


Bootcamp Lead

Akshata is a software engineer, specializing in fullstack web applications. She is a self taught developer, with a degree in Architecture (for buildings!). She believes in equal opportunity and accessible high quality education for all.

Tech Lead image

Thomas Chia

Tech Lead

I'm Thomas, a software developer by profession (though I also develop for fun). I'm self-taught and have never looked back since the day I printed my first log statement. When I'm not doing software, you can find me outside running or riding my road bike with friends.

Tech Lead image

Andrew Fam

Tech Lead

Andrew is the CTO of Straits Interactive, a privacy compliance startup. He has built, deployed and exited a few startups. With his free time, he also helps other startups build their MVPs. He enjoys learning about how different industries operate and how tech can help to enable them and make them more efficient. He also hopes to enrich people's tech journeys by passing on the lessons he's learnt over the years.

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